Navigation Panes

Navigation Panes 2.0

Attractive Outlook 2003 style navigation bar and header
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Navigation Pane control allows easy content presentation that is based on grouping of similar tasks and provides easy access to most common task commands and views. It includes a navigation bar and header control.
Full design-time support is included of course, and working with the control at design time is much the same as working with it at runtime. As the navigation panes are selected, the client area of the control is updated to show their contents. This client area is a standard container control and can be used to host any type of child controls.
Also packaged with the navigation bar, HeaderControl and NofityPopup. The headers are a great way of separating functionally different areas of your user interface.
The .NET Navigation Panes control aims to provide the most accurate reproduction of the Microsoft Outlook 2003 bar control.
The product comes bundled with help and source code samples which illustrate a wide variety of programming techniques in both Visual Basic and C#.

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